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Thứ Ba, 24 tháng 11, 2020

Course Embedded System Arduino (Udemy - EngSub)


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What you will learn:

  • Learn Arduino microcontroller board.
  • Experiment with Arduino on hardware (Download program).
  • Ultrasonic, Temperature, Humidity, Light (Light), I2C, SPI, SD Card and many such interfaces with Arduino.
  • C programming for arduino.
  • Test Arduino without hardware (on simulation).
  • Communicate with real-world devices like relays, switches, LEDs, and sensors.
  • Learn how to use Arduino Input and Output.
  • v.v...

Course duration: 5.5 hours

Capacity: 2.7 GB

* Lưu ý: Xem online sẽ không download được và không có sub cho video Udemy nhé.

Link Download (Google Drive):

View Online:

You should use VLC Media to see the best sub. 

If the phone cannot be accessed please switch to the pc.

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